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James Lever
Born ~ 1859, Northolt
Died 10 Aug 1934, aged 74
Funeral St George's Church, Rev F H Gornall
Buried Southall Norwood Cemetery
Brickmaker in Stockley, Yeading, Southall
Had plot on Dane Road allotments
Member Northcote Angling Society
(Father, John Lever, Labourer)
<--Married 1 October 1882, Hayes Parish Church-->
Witnesses, William Lever, Mary Ann Lever
Resident (5 or 6) Farm Row, Starveall, October 1892
Resident 3 Newells Cottages, Dane Road, Southall, May 1917
Resident 51 Saxon Road, Southall, Sept 1918
3 sons & 3 daughters surviving at 1932 Golden Wedding
Amelia Sumner
Born ~ 1863, Northolt
Died 18 Jan 1940, aged 76
Funeral St George's Church
Buried Southall Norwood Cemetery
(Father, Henry Sumner, Labourer)
James Born 26 Jul 1887, Hayes
Died 2 May 1917, aged 29
Buried Duisans British Cemetery, France
Arthur Born 9 Oct 1889, Hayes
Died 6 Oct 1899, aged 9
Buried Hillingdon Cemetery
Sarah Born ~ 1891, Yiewsley
Lived in Greenford
(Daughter Florrie & other children)
Alice Born 27 Oct 1892, Starveall (Stockley/Yiewsley)
Baptised 1 Jan 1893, St Mathews, Yiewsley
Confirmed 3 Dec 1912, St Saviours, Ealing
First Communion Christmas Day 1912, St Saviours
Died 29 Nov 1984, Portsmouth, aged 92
Cremated Porchester 6 Dec 1984
Ashes interred St George's, Waterlooville
(Marries Hugh Samuel King)
Henry Thought to have been known as Harry
Born ~ 1895, Yiewsley
Edith Thought to have been known as Edie
Born ~ 1897, Yiewsley
Thought to have lived in Whitstable
(Daughter Flo & son)
Alfred Born ~ 1899, Yiewsley

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